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Create a bird-friendly garden

Take note of what plants you already have in your garden. Add new plants that are similar to the ones that are already attracting birds. And find out what plants you will need to add to attract different birds. 

Native plants are best as they grow naturally in your area and provide the right food and shelter for local native birds.

Have a variety of different plants flowering, fruiting and seeding so there is always something happening in your garden to encourage birds to visit throughout the year.

Different plants attract different insects and bugs which are a vital protein source for birds. Also mulching your garden will encourage insect life.

Many shrubs have berries that ripen at different times throughout the year.

Seed eaters such as finches like dense shrubberies to nest, forage and shelter in.

Honey eaters depend on dense shrubs to nest in and hide from larger, aggressive, or carnivorous birds. The flowers of banksia, grevillea, hakea, melaleuca and correa are a good nectar source.

Choose a mix of plants that provide vertical structure as well as groundcovers such as grasses and ferns. Lots of layers to your garden means lots of different places birds can use.

Replace lawns with garden beds or native grasses that produce seed heads that provide food for finches and other seed eaters such as rosellas.

Remember to have water available. Fresh water can be provided in a bird bath, hollow boulders, or a garden pond.

Maintain your garden by removing non-native and invasive weeds that may take over.

Reduce the use of chemicals. Birds are the best way to keep your plant-eating insects in check.

Enjoy your garden filled with the dance of wings and bird song.

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