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The abcd inc Movie premier of how to prepare your home & property for bushfireS is here!

ABCD Inc are pleased to release these videos to assist people to take positive and affordable steps to better prepare for bushfires.  We hope the videos  will assist our community's long term residents as well as  new residents who have decided to make this beautiful piece of bush their home. The videos are also our gift to other communities who face bushfire risks. 

The filming occurred over 11 days and the sessions were conducted by Tony Hawkins an accredited bush fire consultant. Each day provided free home and property assessments to the residents of Bell, Clarence and Dargan, and assessed 3-4 houses  with anywhere from 5 to 20 participants per day.  

Introduction - this video provides an overview of our community's fire risk:

Part 1 - shows how to prepare your property for bushfires:

Part 2 - shows how to prepare your house for bushfires:

If you would like further information on these videos contact Kaz at:

You can contact the bushfire consultant Tony Hawkins at:

The videos were funded under the joint Australian Government–NSW Government National Partnership Agreement on Disaster Risk
Reduction.  Although funding has been provided by both the Australian and NSW Governments, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of either government.

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